Events we've been involved with...

Tan Hill Events

West Ben Fest

499 Festival

Garrison Gathering

Y01 Festival

Armed Forces Day

Living North Christmas Fair


Firthmoor Live

York Raceway

Living North Events

Chester le Steet Fireworks

Drive-in movies by What an event

Remembrance Festival

10k Race at Camphill

Liverpool Bike Race

All Creatures Great and Small Film Set

The Witcher film set

Anne Berlin film set

Peter Rabbit 2 film set

Gucci clothing security

Sounds In The Grounds

Bamburgh Castle Car Show

Richmond Christmas Fair

VW Festival

Doune The Rabbit Hole

Tatten Park

Field Of Dreams


Remedy Festival

Durham Miners Gala

Barnard Castle Fireworks

Barnard Castle Meet


Dubs in Dales

Newcastle Car Show

Ard Rock

Spring Dub

Harrogate Hot Rod Show


North East Chilli Fest

North East Dog Show

Sausage and Beer Festival

Culture Shock Car Show

Fitted UK

Catterick Christmas Fest

Richmond Live

Bruce Emmett

Founder & Managing Director

21 years experience in the event industry based in Catterick in North Yorkshire, experienced in full event production.

 Specialises in:

Site managing

Event planning, location, venues and site mapping

Expert Advice on staging production

Fire assessments, risk assessments, SAG meetings

premise licence application

Katy Emmett

Event Manager & Content Creator

10 years experience in the event industry, based in Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, experienced in full event production.

 Specialises in:

‣ Site managing

‣ Event planning, location, venues and site mapping

‣ Content creation, website, social media and print media production

‣ Event promotion

‣ Social Media Managing

Helen Emmett

Finance MAAT

21 years experience in the event industry, Helen's job is to take care of business... literally! Always working behind the scenes and loves to attend events.

 Specialises in:

All things finance

Andrew Emmett

Software developer & We Scan Tickets founder

14 years experience in the events industry and our in house technical wizard, working on developing crucial software that helps event organisers run their events efficiently.

Specialises in:

‣ Wizardry

‣ Software development

Looking to join the team?

Experienced working at events or fancying something new? We always have summer positions going for our summer festivals.

If you're interested why not drop us a message!

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